Natural Nutrition

Meeting the body’s need for energy and nutrients is essential for good health.  Intakes of energy and insufficient or excess nutrients for a prolonged period of time can adversely affect our health, causing ailments such as colds, head or tummy aches, feeling lethargic to more serious illnesses and diseases.

We know “We are what we eat”. However, it is a truer statement to say “We are what we absorb!”.  Therefore, viewing nutrition in a holistic way to access how we can promote our internal environment to absorb and expel toxins efficiently can help to maintain healthy bodies and well being.


What happens at a consultation?

Looking firstly at a case history and accessing how a person has come to their ailments, the consultation will consist of the following:

– Case history review
– Dietary and fluid suggestions
– Use of certain techniques like, salt baths, hot and cold showers, castor oil packing, juicing and others
– Supplement aids

The first consultation will require approximately 1 ½ hours, with follow-up sessions lasting up to 1 hour.

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