Metamorphic Technique

The Metamorphic Technique is a simple approach to self-healing and personal development.  We all have great potential, but due to limiting beliefs that we hold about ourselves and our lives we tend to get ourselves caught in particular patterns that keep us from fully realising that potential.

These patterns can show up in various ways; physical or mental illness, emotional problems, limiting attitudes or repeating patterns of behaviour.  Beneath these external symptoms are corresponding patterns of energy.  The technique acts as a catalyst to this energy, gently enabling you to transform your patterns and begin to move from who you are, to who you can be.

During a session the individual remains fully clothed. There is no need to know specific problems or symptoms, whether they be physical, mental or emotional so no case history is taken.  The Technique is simply a light touch to the spinal reflex points on the feet, hands and head.  It is gentle, non invasive and completely safe.  The practitioner acts as a catalyst for the person receiving a session, remaining detached but not uncaring to the problems the individual may be experiencing.  It brings about change, which you may not at first be aware of.


It’s an effective technique for anyone and is particularly useful for both children and adults with self-esteem, confidence and learning difficulties.  It can be used on its own or alongside conventional medicine or alternative and complementary therapies.

A very relaxing session, enabling the body to balance and heal itself in the most effective way possible, allowing it to find its true potential, like the caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly and the acorn into a magnificent Oak Tree.

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