Touch for Health is the most widely used system of Kinesiology in the world.  It is a natural holistic approach to improve and maintain health and well-being, combining modern western techniques with ancient eastern knowledge of the body’s subtle energy networks.

Muscle tests are used to detect and rectify energy blockages and imbalances.  These are corrected by using massage and touch on reflex and acupressure points.

This form of ‘body balancing’ focuses on the cause of the problem as well as dealing with the symptoms.  It provides a system to assess and promote physical, emotional and spiritual health.


Where did it come from?

In 1970 Dr John Thie D.C, a young Chiropractor decided to synthesize and share information that eventually came to be called Touch for Health.   His meeting with the 60’s Chiropractor, Dr George Goodheart who in the 60’s began using muscle testing to evaluate muscle performance, posture and general structural imbalances, developed a system called ‘Applied Kinesiology’, made Dr John Thie realised many of the techniques could be safely used by ordinary people to do just this themselves.  He then spent the rest of his life dedicating his time practicing and teaching what we now know as Touch for Health Kinesiology.

What can Kinesiology do for me?

Kinesiology is a holistic therapy, treating the person as a whole.   It works with the mind and emotions as well as the body to improve well-being.  It can help with a wide variety of health problems that affect the body’s mental, chemical, structural and electro-magnetic systems.

Such as:

– detecting food intolerances
– nutritional needs
– allergies and addictions
– improving posture, reducing tension
– relief of physical and mental discomfort
– Improving co-ordination
– Increasing vitality and resistance to illness

What happens during a treatment?

Kinesiology is a truly holistic treatment that is tailored to your individual needs. The Kinesiology techniques will enable the practitioner to tap into exactly where the problem lies and what your body needs to overcome its current health issues. The Kinesiologist will then work in a number of ways to give your body what it is asking for.

The first consultation can last up to 1½ hours with following session/s needing up to 1 hour.  Treatments are held in a calm and relaxing environment allowing time for you.


To discuss or book a treatment please contact Antonietta on 07958 023 793

Kinesiology can often provide everything that your body needs to heal itself.