Essential Oil Classes

Passionate about sharing knowledge on 100% Pure Grade Essential Oils, in this class I will be teaching you:

What they are
How they work
How to use them
How they can help you

Come and try, smell and taste these beautiful oils!

In addition, there is a great Essential oil which is:

  • calming
  • has an energising aroma that can uplift the mind and body
  • is great for hormonal balance and menopause
  • relieves emotions like:- anxiety, fear, insomnia, and more…

I will be gifting you this precious Wild Orange Essential Oil, it’s full of anti-oxidants and immune supporting properties. You’ll be taking this home to try straight away.

Class Dates:

  • 27th February @ 7:30 (private event)
  •  11th March @ 7:30
  •  25th March @ 2pm

Courses take place in Cranbrook Drive unless arranged privately in the comfort of your own home.

Cost: £10

(includes a free bottle of essential oil)

Please do allow 2 hrs.

To join me on one of these informative classes please click here.