Kinesiology Workshops

A 5 weekend certificate course of health enhancement workshops leading you onto a path to a whole new understanding of our bodies, our lives, ourselves!  Most people have the potential to be healthier, happier and more fulfilled in their home and work.

Would you like to be able to help yourself by influencing your own health and increase energy, vitality and well being?AntoniettaBrandShoot-56

The stream of Kinesiology I teach is called Touch for Health (TFH) Kinesiology. Many people choose to learn about TFH Kinesiology through fun, interactive workshops. Training is suitable for anyone wanting to learn skills to help themselves and others enjoy vibrant health and achieve their potential.

Our students include mums, dads, teachers, doctors, midwives, office workers, fitness instructors, students and complementary health practitioners. In fact absolutely anybody! You will learn simple, effective techniques to improve posture, reduce physical tension, release emotional strain and discover the effect food has on your energy.

You’ll come away feeling more energized, alive and confident to help others!

The TFH synthesis comprises of 5 workshops and begins with TFH Level 1.  This can be used as a starting point for progressing through to practitioner level or as a standalone workshop which provides you with enough techniques to help yourself, your family and friends.  There are 4 further levels and each level is taught over two days usually at a weekend.

The workshops are very interactive with at least 75% of the time spent in demonstrations and practical work.  This gives lots of time to try your new skills with the other students giving you the confidence to work with others when you get home.

No prior knowledge is required. You may choose to study this program for self-help, to enhance your existing skills, or just to have fun!



There are many ways that TFH skills can help you and also enable you to help your family and friends:

– The ability to help yourself and influence your own health
– Greater concentration through brain coordination exercises
– Increased energy and vitality
– Assistance in managing stress at home and work
– Improved posture
– Relief from physical pain and tension
– Assistance in changing attitudes and unhelpful behaviour
– Enhanced brain function improving co-ordination, reading, writing and sports performance.

Course Materials

You will receive a course text book at TFH Level 1.  Every level includes an activity pack and a certificate from the International Kinesiology College. The activity pack is designed to be fun helping you learn the material but also will form a portfolio of evidence if you choose to be assessed after Level 5 (TFH Proficiency – this is for people wanting to progress to Practitioner level and beyond).

Course Structure

The Synthesis is taught over 5 two-day workshops, or equivalent hours to suit students and Instructors.  All courses are held in the Berkshire area.

At the end of TFH Level 1, students will be able to:

– You will be able to perform a muscle balance using neuro-lymphatic, neuro vascular and spinal reflexes

– Learn to release emotional stress and help reduce pain

– Understand the concept of energy in the body based on Chinese Medicine
– Gain benefits in coordination, vision, sensory awareness and posture
– Prepare an individual for accurate muscle monitoring
– Demonstrate proficiency in muscle monitoring
– Evaluate energy imbalances on the 14 major meridians
– Balance an individual’s energy using a range of techniques
– Relieve mental and emotional stress
– Understand the benefit of using a goal with a 14 muscle balance

Level 2

Builds on skills and introduces the application of the Chinese Law of 5 Elements to energy balancing, over and under energy; food testing with sensitivity mode; the principles of yin and yang applied to meridians and organs… and more!

Level 3

Introduces facilitation/inhibition theory; correction methods for gaits, postural problems and reactive concepts, allowing the body to function as a harmonious whole, even under stress. Pain tapping for chronic pain, using pulse checks,  is also within this module.

Level 4

Develops the emotional work introduced in previous levels , balancing with sound, colour, deeper goals, Tibetan energy flows and posture stress release are all covered.

After each or all of these workshops, you are well equipped to balance family and friends,
or use the self- help techniques to improve your own health and well being.

If you already carry practitioner insurance,
each module may be added to your “therapies covered” as completed.

Level 5 – Proficiency

This level reviews the entire syllabus and introduces some basis client care, record keeping, ethical and legal requirements for working with the public. It also prepares you for a formal assessment, after succeeding in which you may join the Kinesiology Federation and obtain insurance to work with the public and charge a fee.

This course is certified by the International Kinesiology College.

Course Price

Each weekend course is £247 which includes all materials, certificates, hot drinks and water.


Next TFH level 1 workshop – 6th/7th February 2021

  • Delayed due to National Lockdown – New weekend date to be advised



Where can I find out more information about Touch for Health?

Please visit website below.

International Kinesiology College

Comments form previous students:

“Enlightening, eye opening and Positive” Sonia, South Moreton

“Very interesting and opened lots of thoughts” Nicola, Ewelme

If you are interested in attending a course, please contact Antonietta on 07958 023 793

These courses are fun and inspirational, teaching you many self help techniques that can be used for you, your family and friends.