What my clients say:-

Heal your Gut 30-day Programme

I decided to do this ‘Heal your Gut’ programme to press the reset button on my sugar cravings and fluctuating energy levels.  The whole way through Antonietta was there to guide, educate, encourage and empower me. The course felt tailor-made for my needs whilst also having the group support element through Facebook and weekly Zoom check in meetings.

Antonietta has such a wealth of knowledge and was generous in sharing without overwhelming us. I never felt hungry on the plan and once I’d settled into the rhythm of planning meals, everything flowed. I now have a greater understanding of my body’s rhythms, food reactions and needs – one month on, I am still feeling the benefits of lightness and increased and stable energy levels.
Emily, Berkshire – Mar 2021

I recently went through the 30 days Heal your Gut programme. I was fully supported fully by Antonietta throughout the programme.

Her knowledge about the body & nutrition is amazing.  I felt fantastic when I started to eat the right foods & eliminated the wrong ones!

I felt energised my hair & skin are in great condition, I have lost weight & feel less bloated. I lost my brain fog. I didn’t even get hungry as I learnt how to control my blood sugar levels.

I highly recommend this course to gain knowledge of health & nutrition, be in tune with your body. To feel energised & empowered being able to continue with the right nutrition after the programme.

Sarah, Pinner – Mar 2021

I was experiencing a health issue which had been ongoing for about 6 weeks.
Antonietta was recommended to me by a friend. After an initial consultation and a plan within just 3 days I had significantly improved my health, almost to the point of eliminating my issue.
Keen to optimise my health I then joined Antonietta’s 30-Day Gut Health Programme.
Antonietta has built a very streamlined comprehensive programme complemented with excellent knowledge & expertise and a high level of support.
I have to say I am blown away by the results. Through choosing foods that worked in harmony with my digestive system I was able to support my wellbeing on many levels.
My results were a significant increase in focus and clarity, improved sleep, increased self-confidence which led me to create supportive boundaries.
Most of all I was surprised to find that even though I was in a habit of emotional snacking because the plan was so supportive I had almost zero issue in correcting this. It was fantastic by being taught how to balance my blood sugar levels I had undone years of an ingrained habit.
I am delighted to recommend Antonietta with a 5* review particularly for expertise, superb support, and most importantly for integrity as Antonietta lives all that she teaches.
Veronica Roberts, Wales – Mar 2021

 I completed the Healthy Gut Program in November and I wanted to say a Big thank you to Antonietta for helping me resolve many of my health issues.

I chose to follow this program because with the traditional medicines my health problems just kept coming back.  After the 30-day gut program, I feel a new person…apart from losing weight without any difficulties, I am less tired and full of energy, my health problems seem to have disappeared, my skin looks glows and my brown marks have faded.

I enjoyed this wonderful journey and look forward to experiencing new ones…. Thank you. X

Claudia, Milan – Oct 2020


I absolutely loved your 30-day program too, and I have maintained the good habits of drinking water, and juicing every morning. I have highly recommended this to everyone x

Teresa Dance, Berkshire, Oct 2020


Your 30-day programme was incredible, enjoyable, educational and a lifestyle changer for me in the most natural way. All my life I’ve struggled with what is a healthy eating? and voila now I feel I know enough to be balanced. I love cooking and eating this new way, and I have other foods in moderation, I don’t feel I’m denying myself anything and I’m still maintaining my weight loss and I’m still making healthy choices, I’m 55 and never felt more fit and healthy and I feel fab. Thank you, Antonietta Brienza, xxx

Jackie, Cornwall, Oct 2020


This program has had huge benefits for me. It has helped me assess and reset my eating and drinking habits. We generally know what is good and bad for us, but I really did not appreciate how dry my diet was and how this was affecting me. The constant support from Antonietta is fantastic and the knowledge you gain is invaluable. I saw benefits almost immediately. It is now 3 weeks after the program and these benefits have continued even after reintroducing the foods and drinks that were restricted.

I would highly recommend trying this programme.

Shaz Laven, West Sussex, Nov 2020


Like to give a big  for Antonietta recent diet advice on improving my gut and eating healthier. I’ve lost half a stone (stomach so much less bloated) and my gut is so much better. Still a way to go! Thank you so much

Suzy x

Suzy Kirkwood, Berkshire, 1-1 session, Nov 2020


I cannot recommend this enough. I have just completed this incredible and powerful journey with Antonietta. I have never undertaken anything like this before and I was determined to be 100% committed to it and to listen, learn, and understand what was happening to my body and why. This is not a “diet” – this is so much more, a shift in mindset and a commitment to make positive change. Be prepared for some significant signs from your body that things are moving and changing, releasing. Powerful and empowering it most certainly is. My energy levels are through the roof, I am clear headed and focused. My body has literally changed in 30 days inside and out. I have lost so much more weight than I expected too which has been fantastic.

Helen Trigg, West Sussex, Sept 2020


I have just finished my 30 days on this programme, brilliant health results and a bonus was I lost over a stone in weight.  Antonietta’s nutritional knowledge on the Gut and body’s ability to heal itself is amazing.

After being so unwell this year from the radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment I had last year the Heal you Gut programme has been a life changer for me, it has given me hope for my future wellbeing.

Sylvia McGill – Stockenchurch – Sept 2020


Wow this wonderful lady has taught me so much. Starting with Essential oils and the benefits they have on my son who has Autism as well as myself. I recently followed her 30-day healthy gut plan, and this has changed me completely. I not only feel amazing after this plan, but I have learnt so much from Antonietta on how our body works and the benefit the right food has and how to heal and stay healthy. It’s been an incredible journey; your experience and knowledge has taught me so much. Thank you so much. Would highly recommend Antonietta she is amazing x

Gina Severino, Berkshire – August 2020 group


30 Day Programme with Antonietta Brienza Health Momentum


After speaking to Antonietta about her up and coming 30 Day Programme Heal Your Gut, I just knew I had to and needed to commit to this.  I desperately needed to make some serious changes in my erratic and bad eating habits and to give some serious attention to my health and well-being.

What makes this programme so amazing? Well, that is easy: Antonietta, – she takes your hand from the outset and makes this an incredible educational and life changing journey.  Her knowledge, experience, passion, and positivity are right there with you from day one and way after you have completed it.   All the guided information, the techniques, zoom calls, one to one sessions and Facebook live videos are brilliantly delivered and there for your reference every day.

I have never undertaken anything like this before and I was determined to be 100% committed to it and to listen, learn, and understand what was happening to my body and why.   This is not a “diet” – this is so much more, a shift in mindset and a commitment to make positive change.    Be prepared for some significant signs from your body that things are moving and changing, releasing.   Powerful and empowering it most certainly is.

The Programme is most definitely challenging, and YOU HAVE GOT TO BE ALL IN and want to change otherwise there is just no point.   This is a mental, physical, and of course financial commitment but the results and how you are going to feel are totally, totally worth it.

My energy levels are through the roof, I am clear headed and focused, and I feel completely cleansed my body is light and I feel ready for anything.   My body has literally changed in 30 days inside and out. I have lost so much more weight than I expected too which has been fantastic.   Friends and family are constantly commented on how amazing I look.

Doing this programme has not affected being able to prepare meals for my husband, my full-time job or looking after the house and the dogs or even seeing friends and family socially.   I have made more time to commit to looking after myself, ensuring that for 30 days I really focused on what is important to me.   Invest in yourself and I know you will be staggered by the results as I have been.

You are a true inspiration Antonietta and I am so blessed to have completed this programme with you and I look forward to continuing to enjoy my renewed vigour and relationship with food and getting the very best out of every mouthful and thank you for teaching me how to listen to my body.

If you are ready to make a positive change for the better, then I cannot recommend Antonietta’s Heal Your Gut 30-day programme enough.

Helen Trigg, West Sussex, Sept 2020


I have good news 😊 Everything is a lot better. No more stomach pains and very very rarely do I still feel bloated, even over the Christmas holidays when I didn’t exactly follow the ‘good eating and drinking’ guidelines…  I would like some of your peppermint oil as it is so lovely to make tea with and helps keep my tummy settled.

Best wishes

Anke, Berkshire Jan 2020



I have had a few kinesiology sessions with Antonietta and would highly recommend her. I leave her sessions feeling calm, balanced and tranquil, having supported both my body and mind. Would highly recommend being supported by her for any health and well-being issues. Clare

Clare Cogan, Marlow, April 2020


Antonietta is a hugely talented and beautiful lady inside and out with so much knowledge and wisdom. I have had many incredible Kinesiology sessions all of which have had powerful, surprising, and meaningful results. I even had my first “virtual” kinesiology session followed by a short, guided meditation a few weeks ago – wonderful. Antonietta has introduced me to the amazing world of pure essential oils, which now play an extremely important part of my daily life. Nutrition, with incredible delicious recipes to try, supplement guidance, reiki and so much more are also part of her treatments. I cannot recommend Antonietta highly enough. Thank you for being you and for opening our eyes.

Helen Trigg, May 2020


Antonietta really helped me to rehydrate, which has helped my overall health. I was drinking a lot of water, but at the wrong times and during my consultation with Antonietta, she recognised this and made me review my water intake. I have felt physically more hydrated since my consultation with Antonietta. Antonietta is very generous with her time and can draw on her wealth of experience from different disciplines to advise about nutrition and overall well-being.

Celia, Maidenhead – Sept 2019


I went for my first Kinesiology treatment with Antonietta and was blown away with how positive I felt afterwards and had relieve from hot flushes. It released a lot of pain from a broken relationship a few years ago and encouraged self-love. I slept really well too. Antonietta is a warm, compassionate and professional lady. I am looking forward to my next treatment with her….

Kim, Berkshire Sept 2019



Hi Antonietta,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the essential oils you gave me last week and to let you know that they worked for my flights.  They really calmed me down, I was much calmer than I usually am.  They were amazing, I think they’ve pretty much sorted my flying anxiety!  Thank you –

Maria, Maidenhead, Aug 2019


DoAroma reiki with essential oils

Hi Antonietta,

I often think back to when I met you in Almeria. Time is flying by and I wanted to say a big thank you to you for the doAROMA Reiki treatment I had with you in yoga holiday in Spain.

I didn’t know what was wrong with me, but you were able to find out my real problem, that I was angry and stuck. Sounded crazy, but that was the issue of my unhappy condition.

The oil you mixed up really helped, I applied it on back of my neck, on the bottom of my spine and on my feet. I also used yoga exercises to detox my liver and diffused the Forgive oil blend for emotional balance xxx

Maruta O’Donnell, Ireland – 2019